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Brief: How can Poo-Pourri tell people to choose their brand over other leading smell sprays?
Solution: Hone in on the size and portability that Poo-Pourri offers and give a funny narrative to it. These print ads showcase different scenarios where Poo-Pourri can save you from a shitty situation.
My role: Ideation, art-direction, copywriter, photography, and edits

The final products


Copy: You can always be at ease without the worry of any foul smells. The convenience and effectiveness of these little sprayers will have any concern be in the back of your head.
Take it whenever and wherever.



Copy: No matter the event or the reason, Poo-Pourri's travel size spray makes it easy and convenient to do your business. Unlike other brands you no longer have to worry whether or not if anybody noticed the spray that came after the stench.


Copy: No need to worry about needing to go with Poo-Pourri's travel sized sprayers. When you have so much space and so many smells to choose from, why not bring as many as you can.
When you're looking out for
yourself or for another. 


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