Paypal x Ubisoft

Paypal press play.png
Brief: Over the years Rainbow 6 has been receiving a bad rep with their community to counter that PayPal teams up with Ubisoft to highlight the game in a positive light. How can we show to people that it's not as bad as it seems and even bring on some great members of the Rainbow 6 community.
My role: Being brought in at the beginning of the process of episode 3 I was able to help with scriptwriting/edits, storyboarding, video editing, sound mixing requests the whole sha-bang!

The Solution: In this episode, we focus on the importance of keeping up positivity through the game with the help of Christoph-roar a streamer who is unfazed by the negativity/toxicity of the game. Having him answer how he can be so tilt-proof when everyone else playing Rainbow 6 sees it as a high stakes game whether it be in comp or regular. 
The Agency: MediaMonks

The progress